stampa 3d polimerica

Polymer 3D printing

We use ProM Facility’s polymer 3D printers to make three-dimensional components up to 280x280x350 millimetres in volume from various polymer powders, including PA11, PA12, PA12+GB.

Case Study

The mechatronic prototyping laboratory in Rovereto has developed the program that will facilitate the creation of license plates, prints and signs for the visually impaired and the blind.
Stampa 3d targa braille


Tita e Banti

Nacra 17 wins European Championship in Denmark


Protontherapy, Circular Economy, Microscopy 4.0

Pista GT

Bermat presents the new sportscar GT-Pista

Festival dello Sport

Mechatronics races on track at the 5th edition of Trento’s Sports Festival

Ruggero Tita

ProM Facility technology on sailor Ruggero Tita’s Nacra 17

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