ProM Facility services

2000 square meters available to startups, businesses, researchers and students

The Italian benchmark centre for making mechatronic prototypes.

Application development
From embedded systems to AI applications

With our knowledge of IT and our systems, we can produce world-class software in the web, AI and IOT sectors. Our powerful HPC and GPU servers mean we can provide fast responses to the toughest computational problems that would take days or even weeks to solve on standard PCs.

Research and training paths
Study courses and specialisations

ProM Facility is a refresher and specialist training centre for mechanical and mechatronic engineers to learn in a dynamic and cutting-edge environment. Students attending our prototyping centre discover and learn how to use the technology available in the facility. Undergraduate and doctorate students who follow their research and studies here have the great advantage of learning about technologies and experimenting with new innovative solutions in the field.

Applied research
Experimentation and progress

We collaborate with research centres and universities, including our partners the University of Trento and Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), to provide innovative, specialist mechatronic prototyping services.

The diversity of ProM Facility’s machinery makes it possible to experiment with combinations of the latest technologies and explore sectors and applications at the edge of the state of the art.

Topological optimization
Mechanical weight reduction

We optimise parts by using software to simulate the mechanical/fluid-dynamic behaviour of the component and subsequent iterations, which is ideal for components in critical racing or aerospace designs.

Testing and metrology
From climatic testing to 3D scanning

We offer companies metrology and testing services using 3D scanners, machines for temperature and vibration testing mechanical/electronic components, and measurement instruments such as CMM and X-ray tomography for inspecting 3D printed components.

Mechanical prototyping
From additive manufacturing to laser cutting

Our mechatronic prototyping centre is equipped with the latest generation of metal and polymer 3D printers: we make highly customisable prototypes of mechatronic products and systems, developing projects in collaboration with local partners (University of Trento and FBK) and national and international research centres.

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