Facility 4.0

ProM Facility, mechatronic prototyping in Trentino

We are an innovative centre specialising in research, production and testing of solutions for advanced projects: we combine traditional mechanical engineering with virtual prototyping and electronic control technologies.

We are in Polo Meccatronica, the technological hub of Trentino Sviluppo.

Activities and services

We offer startups and businesses an integrated platform for designing, developing, implementing and verifying the systems and production processes typical of Industry 4.0.

We provide hands-on refresher courses and specialist training for companies, as well as training and research opportunities for undergraduate and doctorate students.

We work with research partners to create synergies and leverage the cross-disciplinary expertise that distinguishes the various innovative businesses.

Technologies, machinery and expertise for prototyping and qualifying mechatronic systems.

Application development
From embedded systems to AI applications
Research and training paths
Study courses and specialisations
Applied research
Experimentation and progress
Topological optimization
Mechanical weight reduction
Testing and metrology
From climatic testing to 3D scanning
Mechanical prototyping
From additive manufacturing to laser cutting


The ProM Facility mechatronic prototyping centre in Trentino was created under the ERDF 2014 – 2020 operational programme of the Autonomous Province of Trento with financial support from the European Union – European Regional Development Fund, the Italian State and the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The ProM Facility concept came into being in 2013 and put the basic idea into practice over time, while continuing to confirm the initial project goals: establish an infrastructure for businesses, where highly qualified technicians use their expertise and the innovative machinery and technologies provided to integrate the needs of industry and research.

The project is carried out thanks to European funds from the Autonomous Province of Trento with:


The team

The specialist engineers and technicians of the ProM Facility mechatronic prototyping centre.

Mechatronic technician
Electronic technician
Additive manufacturing technician
Additive manufacturing technician
Project management officer

Institutional partners

Together to create innovative 4.0 solutions

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