Pista GT

Bermat presents the new sportscar GT-Pista

ProM Facility 3D prints the interiors, dashboard and also the steering column joint components of the new Bermat GT-Pista. The car designed in Polo Meccatronica is exhibited at the "Giovanni Agnelli" Auto Museum.

The car designed in Polo Meccatronica showcased at the “Giovanni Agnelli” automobile museum.

Bermat, an innovative company established in Polo Meccatronica in Rovereto, Italy, previews its first car at the “Giovanni Agnelli” Automobile Museum in Turin: the Bermat GT-Pista. The lightweight and durable sportscar has a carbon-fiber body, gull-wing doors, 6-speed sequential front-mounted gearbox and a powertrain that enables a 0-60 mph acceleration in 4 seconds. The Bermat GT-Pista configurator is advanced, allowing customers to totally customize their two-seater through a quick and easy route that is also emotional and engaging, almost like living inside a video game.

“Our most recent project,” explains Matteo Bertezzolo, “is an internationally patented micro-modular chassis that makes it possible to optimise the construction design of two-seater sports cars, which can be entirely customised”. The innovative chassis was mounted on the new Bermat GT-Pista. The sportscar -named in homage to the Italian-style Gran Turismo culture – was built with the support of JAS Motorsport and the design of the Turin-based studio Camal.

Working with ProM Facility

The interior of the new Bermat GT-Pista, the console and dashboard, as well as the steering column’s joint components, were 3D printed by ProM Facility, with which Bermat continues to collaborate on new design developments for automotive components to be made with metal 3D printing.
“Fundamental to the journey”, Bertezzolo continues, “was the proximity of our headquarters to the ProM Facility laboratory. There we have technologically advanced machinery, such as scanners, software and 3D printers, which helped us a lot in the design phase, but also later in the construction of the components”.

More about Bermat

Bermat was born in 2015 as an innovative startup, founded by Matteo Bertezzolo, a lawyer with a passion for cars. Its ambitious goal was to become a niche car manufacturer, offering mid- to high-end customers the possibility to customise through a special software every aspect, including mechanical, of their car, actually going to design it from scratch and thus making it unique and original. Born as part of the Industrio Ventures accelerator and settled in Polo Meccatronica, the startup, which has now become an innovative SME, has successfully completed two equity crowdfunding campaigns supported by Trentino Sviluppo as an institutional funder and now counts on major investments from Invitalia and other private investors that have allowed it to increase the team to four people.

The new GT-Pista sportscar will be followed in 2022 by fully electric and endometric road variants.

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