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Team Gresini

Polo Meccatronica on track with Team Trentino Gresini MotoE

Several components printed in ProM Facility are mounted on the motorcycle of champion Matteo Ferrari.

MotoE World Cup 2020: this year, riders in the electric MotoGP class will compete in 7 races at 3 European circuits.

The first leg yesterday was at the Jerez de la Frontera track, where the electric bikes will also race next Sunday, 26 July. Then the MotoGP will move to Misano for three races over two weekends, on 13 and 20 September. The final leg of the 2020 MotoE championship will be in France, at Le Mans, for a double race on 10 and 11 October.

The link with Team Trentino Gresini Racing, MotoE world champion, was born thanks to Trentino Marketing that brought Trentino to become the main sponsor of the Romagna-based team. This year, the collaboration is enriched by an additional agreement with Trentino Sviluppo that features the innovative hubs Polo Meccatronica, with its rapid prototyping laboratory ProM Facility, and Progetto Manifattura with Be Factory, destined to host innovative businesses in the field of sustainable mobility and sport-tech.

“A partnership,” says Nicola Polito, operations director of Trentino Sviluppo, “that will bring Trentino Sviluppo to meet several technical suppliers of Team Gresini, thus entering this hyper-technological world of racing and with the chance of developing further collaboration and development projects”.

Trentino Sviluppo has also already deployed its technology and technical and scientific expertise to develop, together with Team Gresini, some very innovative parts designed and printed in ProM Facility to make the bike ridden by world champion Matteo Ferrari even more competitive.

Team Gresini and ProM Facility engineers are working side-by-side on the mechanical and aerodynamic prototyping of some of the bike’s components and have already designed and developed several components, including the lever guard and chain guard and a handlebar adjuster.

Small innovations that, in a single-brand championship like MotoE, can really make a difference.

“In racing”, explains Carlo Merlini, Gresini Racing sales and marketing director, “we often talk about marginal gain to indicate how much even the smallest detail in a competition of that level can be of fundamental importance”.

Fausto Gresini, team manager of Trentino Gresini Racing, adds, “For us, it is definitely a valuable collaboration with Trentino Sviluppo. We have designed components together to improve the rider’s comfort on the bike and I must say that they have paid off very well. So, we are happy to be working together with a company that is very attentive to detail and, like us, focuses on professionalism, passion and determination”.

27 July 2020 – Why is ProM Facility a benchmark for the racing industry? We interview Paolo Gregori, ProM Facility director.

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