To realise a mechatronic prototype means non only being able to build the mechancis and electronic components of it, and developing the software and firmware that can allow its interaction. It also means being able to test and verify its functioning.

Our Technologies

We have a wide range of latest technology machines available, from 3d metal printers to laser cutting. We own one of the few examples of hybrid machines in the world, with which it is possible to print and mill at the same time. We are able to acquire surfaces through 3D scanners, by performing reverse enginering of any model.

We can print in 3D stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and Inconel. Or we can cut laser thicknesses up to 25mm of steel. All this allows us to create a vast range of products, with innovative processes if not unique.


5 axis milling with Direct Laser Deposition

DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D


Precision CNC turning and milling

DMG Mori CTX Alpha 500
DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D
Excetek V650G


Climatic chamber and shakers

Angelantoni ACS 1200


ALPA metrology CMM

Creaform Metrascan
Creaform Go!Scan

Laser Cut

Metals, polymers and wood

Adige LC5


Deep Neural Networks

Nvidia DGX-1


More than 10 machines online


additive manufacturing

Thanks to the two metal 3d printers available to ProM Facility, we are able to produce mechanical components up to 250x250x300 mm of volume, in stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and Inconel.
Layer after layer the manufacture additive allows the realization of components with geometries that are impossible to produce through traditional processes.

Renishaw chamber
Renishaw chamber
Hybrid process
Hybrid process

HYBRID manufacturing

The hybrid manufacture represents the union of traditional and additive manufacturing. With DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D we are able to bring material to the part being processed, and then to mill the piece to bring it to the required dimensions.


The two scanners Creaform Metrascan and Creaform Go! Scan allow us to acquire real models up to 16 cubic meters of volume , with an accuracy up to 0.064 mm . With this equipment it is possible to reverse engineer existing components, and then to have the corresponding 3D model available.

Creaform Metrascan
Statua acquisita tramite scanner 3d
Laser cut process
Laser Cut

Laser cut

With tube-sheet combined laser cutting machine Adige LC5
, with laser in fiber from 5kW , and the laser cutting machine PLS5 .150D we are able to cut any material used in the mechanical industry, with precision and speed.


We produce, in small and medium scale, mechanic components with a wide variety of materials - from polimers to aluminium and titanium alloys - and through different manufacturing technologies - from conventional technologies to addivite and hybrid manufacturing. We produce small series of electronic cards with customized geometries.

Available machines:

3D Printer Concept Laser Mlab cusing
3D Printer Renishaw AM400
CNC Lathe DMG Mori CTX Alpha 500
CNC Hybrid Milling DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D
CNC Laser Cut Adige LC5
CNC Laser Cut PLS5.150D


We execute functional testings, of resistence and dynamic behaviour of metal components. We also operate electromagnetic compatibility tests of electronic cards' circuits.

Climatic chamber Angelantoni ACS 1200


We exectute geometric and dimensional testing over mechanic components - from big scale components to superficial sub-micrometric characteristics - and reverse engineering of existing components.

Information Communication Technology

Firmware and control software prototyiping; real-time testing via software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop techniques; IT security testing, Artificial Intelligence, industrial Deep Learning; Industry 4.0 solutions development.

DNN Nvidia DGX-1






Volta V100