ProM Team

The real asset of an enterprise are the people who work in it, with their competence they are at the service of companies, students and researchers.

The ProM Facility team is composed of a Director, two Managers (Technical and Scientific), technicians and administrative personnel.

At operating speed, the Facility will also host 6 PhD students a-year; the first of whom is already employed.

Paolo Gregori


Degree in Phisics, Master in Management of Innovation

Paolo Bosetti


Materials Engineer, PhD, Professor at University of Trento, DII

Amos Collini


Electronic and Electric Engineering Senior Researcher at Bruno Kessler Foundation

Luca Baglivo

Chief Techinician

PhD, Mechanical engineer, chief of the technicians

Alessandro Zanfei

Machining Specialist

20+ years in machining

Laura Gallina


Economics and communications Facility expert

Matteo Perini

PhD Candidate @ UniTN

Electronic expert, machining specialist

Amedeo Setti

IT Specialist

Mechatronic engineer