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Rovereto, Italia

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Main Figures

The Open House event has included a roundtable discussion focused on Industry 4.0, a highly technical workshop with both industry and academia representatives - coming from four different continents - and 24 hours of guided tours to the ProM Facility.



CEOs, managers, technologists, researchers and PHDs



Startup, medium-size companies, mature enterprises and multinational corporations


Slot of guided tours

Nonstop transfer to the ProM Facility and guided visits discovering its services and machinery

Inside the Facility


DMG Mori Lasertec 65 3D

Hybrid manufacturing is already redefining the limits of what can be created. As industry adopts and embraces the hybrid manufacturing approach, a design shift will occur unlike any we’ve seen since the industrial revolution.


Renishaw AM400, Concept Laser MLab

Metal additive manufacturing is the process of creating a 3D object from a CAD model by building it up from thin layers of metal powder, one by one. This technology can produce complex shapes cannot be created with traditional casting and subtractive techniques, such as machining or electrical discharge machining.

Laser & Cutting

Adige LC5, DMG Mori Ctx

The Adige-Sys LC5 Fiber laser cutting machine, the DMG Mori Alpha CTX turning machine and many more top notch technologies enable the ProM Facility to create every kind of component.


HPC, Nvidia DGX1

An entire datacenter for cyber attack simulations, deep neural network devolpment, High Performance Computing and more.

Discover ProM

To learn more about the ProM Facility, the offered services, the team and the equipment of cutting edge machines, you can visit the dedicated website.