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Workshop "Implications of additive manufacturing in design and production"

Vedi e scarica

Fatigue and biological properties of parts manufactured by selective laser melting

M. Benedetti, M. Dallago, M. Leoni, C. Potrich

Mechanical design and structural integrity of additively manufactured materials

F. Berto, J. Torgersen

Lab22 Merging science and industry

D. East

Advanced technologies SAUER GMBH

R. Kellett

Additive Manufacturing Additive Manufacturing Additive Manufacturing false myths and real benef

E. Orsi

Additive Manufacturing: state of art and future developments

A. Pieroni

Additive Manufacturing Technology for Metallic Medical Implants

G. Zappini

Additive Manufacturing - Perspectives from a little Red Dot

H. C. Sing

X-Ray computed tomography of additively manufatured parts

F. Zanini

3D-printed metallic lattices: Mechanics and functional applications for bone replacement

D. Pasini